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Warm December Wishes - Julie Odil - Mitten shaped card
Santa hat shaped card - Julie Odil
Snowman shaped card - Cathryn Holzschuher
Julie Odil - Step Cards and Fun with penquins
Julie Odil - Step Cards and Fun with penquins..
Holiday Treats - Julie Odil - Test tube candy holder box
Holly Hudspeth - 3d ornament shaped card set..
Holly Hudspeth - 3d ornament shaped card set
Christmas ornament fun - Mitra Pratt
Christmas ornament fun - Valerie Allard
Christmas ornament fun - Barbara Burgess
3d christmas ornament set - Rhonda Zmikly
Christmas ornament fun - Julie Odil
3d christmas ornament set - Debbie Fisher
3d christmas ornament set - Jeri Thomas
3d christmas ornament set - Jeri Thomas..
3d christmas ornament set - Carolyn Holzschuher
Bulbs for the tree - Laura Love
Krista Norman - Christmas tree goodie bag
Christmas tree treat box - Rhonda Zmikly
Debbie Fisher - Christmas tree goodie bag
30 Christmas tree set - Mirta Pratt
Christmas tree treat box - Valerie Allard
3D Christmas tree set - Tmika Miller
30 Christmas tree set - Barbara Burgess
30 Christmas tree set - Jeri Thomas
Julie Odil - Christmas tree goodie bag
Merry - Holly Hudspeth - Christmas sentiments set
Christmas tree treat box - Cathryn Holzschuher
Stocking Box - Laura Love
Candy Cane Box -Barbara Burgess
Stocking Box - Krista Norman
Stocking box - Sean Covert
Snowflake - Julie Odil - Christmas bag toppers
Christmas Milk Cartons - Debbie Fisher
Snowflake Kisses - Rhonda Zmikly - Christmas bag toppers
Candy Cane Box - Mitra Pratt
Christmas bag toppers - Julie Odil
Stocking Box - Holly Hudspeth
Happy Holidays - Jeri Thomas - Christmas bag toppers
Christmas Ornament Fun - Katryce Townsend
3d christmas ornament set - Leslie Foley
3d christmas tree set - Shanta Newby
30 Christmas tree set - Audrey Long
Leslie Foley - Christmas tree goodie bag
Shanta Newby - Christmas milk cartons
Christmas Milk Cartons - Audrey Long
Christmas tree goody bag holder - Julie Odil
Snowflake Kisses box set - Julie Odil
Stocking box - Leslie Foley
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