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Want to give it a try. I use their regular adhesive. Thanks for the tip

Kimberly Green

I haven't used Tombow adhesive before would love to try this product.
Beautiful Hat designs.
Thanks for the give away !!!

Wilda Van

never tried this adhesive and what a great way to try it WIN IT!

Shari Dancer-Thomas

Wow! Thanks so much for everything!!! So creative!

Vickie C.

This is a must try product. I have to try it. This is the first I've heard of it. Thanks for sharing.


Those hats are adorable! I use Tombow Permanent adhesive for my cards and I love it. Have not tried the Xtreme. Will have to get some! Thanks!!


Awesome hats! I would love to try the new adhesive - would be great to get a strong bond without having to peel off tape backing! Thanks for the info and the chance to win :)


Oh so cute, need to get this file, for sure!!

Patti J.

Would love to try this product! It would be awesome to find a runner that would work well with 3d projects!

Julie O

I've used Tombow Mono on cards, but never on 3D projects. I'm excited to try this! Thanks for the tip and the chance to win. I love your hats!!!!!

debbie gates

Oh how I would love to try this. Thanks for the change to win one. Hugs

Angela Hartley

This is the first time i have seen this adhesive. WOW! What will they think of next???!!


I would love to try such a strong adhesive... befire it hits the market! THank you!

Polly Zastawnik

I really want to try this adhesive, looks awesome, the hats are absolutely gorgeous!


Always looking for quality projects since you spend so much time putting your projects together you want them to say together. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
Tracey J.

Julie Gallagher

Wow, I always use messy liquid glue - I will have to try this!

Veronica Allen

I love Tombow adhesives. I've never tried this one. Thanks for the chance to win.

Shawn Box

I've never tried Tombow. But after looking at your beautiful hats and seeing the amazing job it's done. I sure will have to give it a try. TFS!!!


I haven't seen that adhesive before. It looks like it would be so much more convenient than what I've used in the past. Both of the hats you made are adorable. I hope I'm a winner!

Emma Conaughty

I have used Tombow products for years. How did I NOT know about this? (Gasp!) What else don't I know about?!? Thanks for the enlightenment!


The hats are so cute and kids could use them for Birthday or Halloween. would love to try this new adhesive.

Sharon Rizzotti

Tombow is the best adhesive for any crafting ESPECIALLY FOR BOXES!! I love you site and thank you daily for all your inspiration and cuts.

Mary Ann Siscoe

I just love your website. I have ordered a lot of your patterns. I would love to win the tombow to try out. Have a great day.

Traci Davis

Really, it holds boxes together? I always use sticky strip...I'll have to give this a try. Thanks for the suggestion. Happy 4th!

Carol Ann Ater

Always love your innovative projects and now we know the how-to of keeping them together. It would be fantastic to win one of the Extreme Tombow runners. Have a great 4th of July

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