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Stephanie S.

I use Tombow too, not this one though. I will have to try this!

MaryJo Marshall

I LOVE these hats - great job! I have been reading about this adhesive but haven't gotten any yet - would LOVE to win some!! LOL! Thanks!

Ruthie Lopez

oh!! Love your designs!! What a great tip!!!! I'm always looking for a good glue! Thanks for the chance!!

Barbara Burgess

Love the hats. I have never seen this Tombow adhesive before. If you use it, it must be really good! ❤️

Shanta Newby

Oh wow great projects Regina!!! I have not used their adhesives!! I need to give them a try!!


You just gotta love Tombow...

Migdalia Rodriguez

The Top Hat is just GORGEOUS!!
As for the Birthday hat It is Precious!!!
I only have used the Tombow multi liquid glue..It is my favorite. If I do not have it in hand I will send my other half to buy it for me
I can only imagine how awesome the xtreme permanent adhesive is!!
Have a wonderful day,
*Crafting With Creative M*


Love your hats! I have not tried that particular adhesive yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

Hilda Luevano

beautiful work, I love and I would like to try these adhesives!
Thanks for the opportunity!


These are so creative! I would love to try this adhesive too.

Suzanne Milam

Will definitely try this out....thanks for sharing.

Kimberly Colson

I am always looking for a good adhesive for my paper projects. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Kimberly Colson

Amy Cooley

I would love to give this brand a try! Thanks for the chance!

Kathy Kohner

I would love to try this new adhesive. Seems I can't find anything that holds boxes together. This looks like the answer. Kathy


Beautiful hats! Wow, love all the fun details:) Love to try this adhesive especially when making something like this-it seems you never have the right type to keep 3d projects together:)
Thanks for a chance!
Sherrie K

Helen M.

I can see why the Extreme adhesive is necessary to hold the hats together. I have some projects that sure could use the "Extreme adhesive" too!


Hmmmm, I've never used that adhesive, but if you say it's good, it must be! Your hats are just amazing.


Such gorgeous projects. One can never have enough of a good adhesive, love tombow products. Thanks so much for a chance to win!


Tombow is a great adhesive. I rely on it all the time. Love the top hat. Thanks for the chance to win some Tombow. I'll be glad to stick together with you. :-)

Shari Czerwinski

Cute top hat! I do love the super strong adhesive!


That hat is fantastic! Strong adhesive rocks!

Katie B.

Awesome party hats! I love the pretty lace and gems on the pink one! And the feathers on the top hat were a great idea! Great job. Love tombow mono dots, looking forward to trying this too! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

stefanie haluk

cool. love these hats.

Judy Dickson

Would love to try this adhesive, I have used some of the other ones and loved them, thanks so much for sharing this idea.


Wow, would love to try this new adhesive! Thank you so much!

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