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Oh my goodness did everyone do such awesome cards/projects!!

Sean Covert

Wow wow wow!! I'm honored to be able to learn from soo much talent!!!

Congrats to the New Design Team...All you projects rock!!! Great JOb


I am so proud to be a part of this team! Great projects, everyone!


WOW. What an incredible bunch of projects. Thanks all for the inspiration!


Congratulations to the new team members and to those continuing....incredible projects this week!!! Goodness sakes, talk about wonderfully inspiring! Can't wait to see each week!
Lisa x

Karen B.

Such a unique array of files and each one so creatively beautiful.


Wow, all the projects are awesome. Fabulous job, new Design team! I can see you'll give me lots of inspiration in the months ahead.

Shirley Birnbaum

Love the videos and also the new design's. Looking
forward to each new project. Awesome


WOW what a super talented DT :) awesome projects!!!


Awesome projects by the new DT.

mary anne guth

I am happy and proud to be on the team again this term. Wow I am working with some truly amazingly creative people this time. Welcome to all you newbies.


Great creations from the new team. Everyone did an amazing job. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all create next...........dianne

Yamileth Blanco Soto

Bellisimas todas!!


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