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Oh my! These shoes are fantastic! I so hope they come in my size! Great job, DT!

Debbie Fisher

what fun shoes! The DT did an awesome job!

Judy Inhoff

I love these shoes! What a fun project and great idea to sent to a girlfriend.

Roberta Benitez

Your shoes are awesome, I have a daughter who would love to try shoes on that looked so good.Keep up with your creativeness.


These shoes are great , the high heel especially. I can't wear high heels shoes now but that doesn't stop me for still admiring them. The boots are cute and sweet.

Jearise Havenga

I just love these shoes especially the cottage ones. The design team did an awesome job.


The DT had some really cute ideas. I love all the ones with the vintage boot.


how cute they all are. You all are so creative. My daughter would love those high heel ones. I must make her b-day card one of those. :)


These are just too adorable. I hope I didnt purchase these before I had surgery lol. You are all so talented!! As you can see I have not created much since my 2 other back surgeries.


Tracey J

Wow. . . .Regina! Everyone totally out did themselves. They all did a fabulous job. I love them.

Lisa M

What a fantastic design team!!! Ladies you all did AMAZING. I'm drooling over here..... ;)
Lisa x

Bev Gerard  *  TexasGrammy

Such wonderful shoes! There's something here for everyone, including Mary Poppins and J-Lo!

Angie Coleman

I just found you and WOW! I am so excited to find such a treasure trove of creative designers! I love your creativity and these shoes are just FABulous! Too cute and they cover every kind of taste!!! Awsome! I can't decide!!

Mary Nielson

These shoes and bags are "fantastic"! I live them all...going to try them..all!
Thank you so much, I can't hardly wait!!


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Great article mate but how to get your rss feed?

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