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All differnt techniques, alot of creative use of the dress forms-thanks for posting and showing !


Fantastic projects everyone! They are all awesome!

Precious Hugs

Sharon Gullikson


B. Poteraj

I love the dress forms. I could make some really cute cards and things with them.


Wow, so beautiful cards, lovely.

Rhonda-Bumblebee Creations

These gals did an awesome job--what fun images to work with and what gorgeous projects each gal made!!


WOW!! I love how different every gals use of the form are!! I would have never thought of any of those!! Ladies you are each very talented!! Thanks for helping inspire me!! Blessings!!


I juste love this set, it is one of m'y favorite!

Krista's Paper Cafe

They are all so beautiful! Some different, great ideas for the dress form! Well done by all.


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