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sharon gullikson

The two ladybug jars are my faves!

B. Poteraj

Jeri's butterfly and bug jar is adorable. I like the "fabric" around the top of the jar.

Natasha G.P.

Those are so cute. I like each one for different reasons. Thanks for sharing.


so hard to pick one favorite. I got excited for each of them. but a candy jar, a cookie jar and a ladybuy in a jar are always perfect for me...


These are just so cute! Thanks for sharing!

patty weir

Just love all the totally different ideas come from this project.. gave me a lot of cute ideas!... Oh I got to get that jar!... great job everyone!


So much talent and imagination! Thank you for sharing.

Maryann W.

Always so inspired by the creativity both of the designs themselves and then what cardmakers or scrapbookers do with them. Always such a happy site.


love all the ideas...


WOW! Great ideas! I love the spring ladybug ideas - think I may have to use this on my next card! Thank you so much for the inspiration :-)

Alice Z.

Great cards, ladies! Thanks for sharing and giving me wonderful ideas.

Krista's Paper Cafe

They are all fun. My fav is the bug in the jar! Ca-ute.

Glendie's Goodies

So cute! Great colors and I especially love the "heard you caught a bug" card!

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