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Debbie Fisher

Awesome job ladies!

Stephanie - OCCricut

LOVE ALL the gum ball machines!!!S

Leah Schaeffer

Wow what great projects! All SO much fun!
Love the variety of super different projects!

Great job DT!


Love all of these great designs! Awesome work!

Hope Jones

Love all the inspiration!!

Shirley Birnbaum

Love all the cards. What a great job.

Wendy, aka Roo

These are WONDERFUL!!!

Puppy Hugs!

Tmika Miller

These are all so beautiful!! Awesome!


All of these creations are so unique and yummy looking. Great job to all of the DT. This set is a must have.



Very lovely job ladies ! Ya'll rock with your projects !!!


what sweet ideas these are! I love them all. I think this set is adorable! Thank you for the inspiration yet again!


These are so bubbly delicious.


Great job, love all the projects, tfs!


Great job!! Love all that bubble gum machines, they made me smile ;)

Renee Orta

Beautiful projects


I love all the projects, they are awesome.


really lovely ...and I want a gumball!!!!!
yes are so nice all of them

Louise H

Yummy! What lovely projects - well done ladies xx


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