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What a great idea!!! Thanks for the tip on the xyron machine...sure would make it LOTS easier to attach...great idea!!!!

~Jeri M~

I love these Regina! I never thought about doing them as a gift, what a great idea, especially adding the Xyron to them. These would be so much more easier to use as you stated and so much more affordable, than the crazy prices some folks want for theirs!! Thanks for giving us another cost efficient gift and tool!!


Regina I LOVE your custom labels. What a super great idea for a gift and the running them through the Xyron is such a great time saver.
All of your sets are amazing and everytime I see something new...I want that one also :)
My list is GROWING and GROWING!!
Thanks for sharing another EXCELLENT set and for the chance to win


These are great for so many things, and the elephant image is just precious! Great idea with the xyron and turning them into stickers.


This is great and one that I would use alot! I love that she added the image to match her card.

Karen Hasheck

Very fun idea- I will have to think about getting one for Send a Smile 4 Kids.. or maybe I will win one:) Thanks for the chance!

Jennifer Scull

what a great idea to make a gift for someone! love that box, too.
as I mentioned on another comment I left, this is my first time to your blog and store. gosh, I am so impressed with everything I am seeing! amazing!


These labels are clever... being able to coordinate them to a card makes them even more clever! Great idea.

Sherrie K

What a great,love your labels!!

Chris Baillie

Brill lables, they add the personel touch to finish a card and look so yummy with a matching stamp inside.....


I think these labels are amazing. These would be great to stamp and use also on the backs of your handmade cards and creations. Thanks for sharing the wonderful inspiration.


I love them! I haven't gotten round to getting my own custom made stamps yet, but love to make cards. What a great idea. And that gift box you made is so cute! What a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

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