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I always look forward to seeing what the design team comes up with on these challenge days! They never disappoint.

Cathryn Holzschuher

Wow!! These are all SO cute! Love the sets.


Such cute sets. I new to this site and so excited to look through some more

Lucy E.

I love all of those typewriters! That was one of my High school graduation gifts-a manual typewriter!!! Maria’s train is so awesome!

Vidette Benn

I wish my typewriter could look as cute as these.

Carla Hundley

This typewriter is
adorable and love
the cute cards!
Carla from Utah

Rochelle Dalton

I am not a naturally creative person. My heart bleeds math and science. Lol. I seriously rely on your examples to give me inspiration! You guys do such a fabulous job of giving me things to copy...the best compliment is the need to make something just like yours!


These are so cute!!!!


Love them!! The typewriter is my favorite!!

Sue D

All fabulous--I really like the typewriter.


I love the push pop boxes. they would be so cute for any holiday! Debora


Oh my goodness Regina and DT!! These are all gorgeous!!

KT Fit Kitty

I started my career as a secretary so I love the typewriter cards! So cute! When I was in community college I can remember that my Mom had one of those old manual typewriters and I would practice my typing homework on it. Great memories!

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